Skin Tag Treatment — Must Follow These Golden Rules

tie skin tag

Are you desperately looking for skin tag treatment? There are certain golden rules you must follow. It would be easy for you to follow these rules if you do have some basic knowledge about skin tags.

Why Is The Actual Cause of Skin Tags Still Not Identified?

Specialists and scientists have never described an accurate reason for skin tags. Since they are not fatal, there is not a ton of research done to discover their cause.

A few people might be more inclined to skin tags because of hereditary factors. Obesity puts individuals at a higher danger of getting skin tags and pregnant ladies are frequently more adept to get them.

Methods of Skin Tag Treatment

Despite the fact that a skin tag is a sort of tumor, there is no danger of a skin tag becoming malignant and so they don’t cause any serious health issues. There are a number of methods available for skin tag treatment. Following is an exhaustive list of skin tag treatment methods:

Medical Procedures For Skin Tag Treatment:

A skin specialist will prefer one of the following techniques if you visit for skin tag removal:

cryotherapy skin tag treatmentCryotherapy:

This is the most widely recognized medical procedure used to treat skin tags. Typically, liquid nitrogen is utilized to freeze cells of skin tags, making them fall off. This method is commonly known as freezing.

                                                                                 Cauterizing:cauterizing skin tag treatment

With this technique, the skin tag is burned off by heating it with electricity. This may cause some pain for which some pain killers are prescribed.

ligation skin tag treatmentLigation:

This refers to tie up the skin tag at its base with a string. This blocks the blood supply to cells and gradually skin tag shrink and eventually fall off.

                                                                                      Excision:excision skin tag treatment

Excision simply means cutting off. In this procedure, the skin tag is expelled by cutting it off utilizing a sterilized surgical blade.

Simple Home Remedies for Treatment of Skin Tags:

lemon juice for skin tag treatmentLemon Juice:

Lemon juice contains citrus extract which breaks down the cells of the skin tags. Dip a cotton ball into some lemon juice and apply it directly on the skin tag for a couple of weeks.

                                                                             Banana Peel:banana peel for skin tag treatment

Cut the banana peel into little pieces. Put the peel on the skin tags and hold it there with a bandage. Use this every night until the skin tag tumbles off.

onion juice for skin tag treatmentOnion Juice:

Cut onion into little pieces and soak it in salt overnight.  Apply this onion-salt juice every night on your skin tags and cover it. Continue this practice for some weeks.

                                                                             Aloe Vera Gel:aloe vera for skin tag treatment

Aloe vera is used as the main ingredient in many skin care products due to its healing skin disorder characteristics. Massage aloe vera gel directly to skin tags daily until they dry off and vanished.

vitamin E for skin tag treatmentVitamin E:

Some consider this the best treatment for getting rid of skin tags. Rub vitamin E oil on the skin tag twice a day. This will help you to wipe out the skin tags in 1 – 2 weeks. Combine vitamin E oil with garlic and apply each night for better results.



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