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skin tags treatmentHi …

Tina Jade here and I WELCOME you to my blog!

This blog is about health and beauty … and specifically about skin tag treatments. Its about my journey how I got success in removing my skin tags.

Last year I was at the same point in my life as you are now … fanatically trying everything to get rid of my skin tags but ¬†of no use. Who else than me knows better how much irritating and annoying these skin tags are!! I’ve a lots of these unwanted skin tags and some are just worst!

All skin specialists and doctors keep on telling me that skin tags are just harmless and not to worry about them too much. Neither they are cancerous nor produce infections….

… But how could these specialist ever understand the feelings of a girl …. they would never have an idea how harmful these skin tags are for woman’s beauty or self-confidence! Going for a party … Attending staff meeting … Meeting with your client … or simply anytime in front of mirror … and these skin tags are there mocking and laughing at me ALL the time.

skin tagsAfter having problems with warts and skin tags for a number of years and then finally being successful in removing them, I decided to share my experiences with people like you.

I put all efforts to make this site as a resource for skin tag treatments; what home remedies I found useful; what causes skin tags to develop; which skin tag product I tried and got satisfied results and stuff like this.

If you are looking for what I consider the best treatment for skin tags, check out My Review Page by clicking below:

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Thanks and wish you a charming beauty,

Tina Jade