Skin Tags – The Ultimate Guide

Are you annoyed with your skin tags?

Are you feeling depressed due to this fleshy growth on your skin?

The reason you should not worry about these is that they are harmless. However, they can easily alter your looks. Owing to this very reason, it is a better idea to get them treated and removed rather than ignoring them.

In this guide, we share with you everything about skin tags … so that you don’t have to wander from site to site to get more knowledge about them. With the help of this guide, you would get a better idea as to what causes them and how to treat them.


A skin tag is a small outgrowth of skin which is entirely harmless and which is suspended to the body skin with a stalk. In scientific terms, these are known as acrochordons. Skin tags are not gendered specific.

skin tag

Although, most of the skin tags once formed would remain attached with you for a long period of time but some might fall off eventually.

The general diameter of skin tags is just around 5 mm. They are entirely harmless.

Are skin tags normal?

Skin tags are entirely normal and are completely harmless. They are also pretty common. They can occur on different parts of the body like shoulders, neck, armpits or any other part of the body. Skin tags, in fact, are so common that each and every person has a skin tag at least once in their lifetime.

Do skin tags grow?

In most of the cases, skin tags are stagnant. However, if there is blood flow to the skin tag, they can grow bigger in size. Even when the skin tags are growing bigger, they are harmless. They are not a medical concern either.


The exact cause of skin tag is still not clear. Since it is common to find skin tags in the folds of the skin, it can be considered that friction on the skin can develop a skin tag. If you look into the composition of the skin tag, it consists of blood vessels as well as collagen.

Since it is common to find skin tags in the folds of the skin, it can be considered that friction on the skin can develop a skin tag. If you look into the composition of the skin tag, it consists of blood vessels as well as collagen (a kind of protein).


Skin tags are common in people suffering from obesity. Since skin tags consist of Collagen, we can easily assume that obese people are at the risk of developing skin tags in different parts of their body.

In addition to that, it has also been seen that insulin resistance can aid the development of skin tags. That is why people who are suffering from type II diabetes are also more prone to suffering from skin tags.

Skin tags are also a normal side effect of pregnancy. In pregnancy, owing to the weight gain, the amount of collagen present in the body is on the higher side which results in more skin tags.

Skin tags are neither contagious nor harmful. That is why skin tags on your body would not impact your family members or people in your vicinity.



Skin tags are categorized by the body part on which they grow.

As they are capable of growing on different body parts, the types of skin tags are also plenty. We would go into the details of the different types of skin tags in order to provide you with more details about skin tags.

1. Skin tags on face:

Skin tags on the face can really distort your appearance. Skin tags are more likely to occur on eyelids as well as ears. Obesity can often be associated with skin tags on face. There are a few home remedies as well as medical treatments which you can try in order to eliminate the skin tags. (These would be discussed later.)

2. Skin tags on neck:skin tags on neck

Skin tags on neck usually occur in the folds of the skin. That is why, if you’re having loose skin on your neck, there is a high probability that skin tags would grow on your neck. You can easily get them removed with the help of a health professional.

3. Skin tags on armpits:

Skin tags on the armpits are caused due to the friction which is created by the movement of your arms. As we grow older, the amount of fat in the body increases which results in skin tags being created between different skin folds which undergo friction. Owing to the rapid movement of our arms, the armpits are the most prone location where skin tags can occur.

4. Eyelid skin tags:skin tag on eye lids

Skin tags are often found to be growing on eyelids as there are folds of skin on the eyelids. Owing to the friction between these folds of skin, skin tags are pretty common on the eyelids. Even they are harmless, you should treat them as soon as possible due to their presence in the high sensitive area of the eye. It is a better idea to consult the health professional since eyelids are pretty sensitive part of your body.

5. Skin tags groin:

Many people mistake skin tags groin for STD. However, skin tags on groin are pretty common and nothing to get worried about. If you’re suffering from skin tags on the groin, you can use the tea tree oil or you can freeze them off and remove them with the help of a medical professional.

6. Black skin tags/Black moles:

Black skin tags are not that common but still, many people suffer from them. Whenever a skin tag clots, its color would change to purple or black. This usually occurs when the blood supply to the skin tag is obstructed. The good news about these black skin tags is that they can only last for a period of up to 2 weeks. After that, they fall off on their own. They do not require any kind of special treatment.

7. Skin tags during pregnancy:

Skin tags usually occur during the pregnancy as well as for a couple of weeks after the pregnancy. However, after you deliver the baby, if the skin tags are not going away, thereafter you can consult a dermatologist. Under normal circumstances, the skin tags which are occurring due to pregnancy would fall off on their own within a couple of months after the pregnancy.

8. Long skin tags:long skin tags

Skin tags usually occur in the small form initially. Only when they are able to get a consistent blood supply, they would be growing longer. However, eventually, they would stop growing on their own. The longer skin tags can occur on any part of the body and are harmless as well. They are generally longer and protrude perpendicularly outside from your body.

9. Tiny skin tags:

Tiny skin tags often occur in children as well as teenagers. In most of the cases, they are not even noticeable. It would just appear as a speck on your skin.

10. Skin polyps:

Polyps are skin tags which grow from the mucous membrane. Thus, such skin polyps are usually not visible on the outer side of your body as they grow inside the cavities.

In most of the cases, you would not be able to even detect them. If at all, you are able to detect them with the help of the x-ray, the doctor would advise you to ignore them. The doctors can conduct certain procedures like freezing them off in order to remove them if at all necessary.

11. Skin tags diabetes:

During diabetes, metabolic activity slows down which results in a large amount of fat accumulation in the body which in turn causes skin tags. Thus, people who are suffering from type II diabetes especially are more prone to skin tags. These can occur on any part of the body.

12. Skin tags all over body:skin tags all over body

Generally speaking, the smaller skin tags can easily occur all over the body. If you are having multiple skin tags, it might not be a viable solution to remove each and every one of them.



There are multiple remedies or treatments which you can opt for when it comes to removing skin tags. Most of these treatments can finish in a very short period of time.

Note of Caution:

Before opting for a method for skin tag removal, you should consider following factors:

  • The sensitivity of your skin
  • Type of the skin tag which you are suffering from.
  • Cost of treatment (as dermatologist’s visit or laser treatment is expensive)
  • Time it requires for application (as home remedies are generally time-consuming)

The ideal remedy for skin tag treatment would be that which suits most of the skin-types (so no worries about sensitivity), cost effective, time efficient and least painful.

Make sure to check out the last section of this guide to get that ideal remedy.

In the following section, we would share with you some of the most common treatments or home remedies which you can opt for in order to remove skin tags.

1. Dermatologist Skin Tag Removal:dermatologist-skin-tag-removal

The dermatologists have multiple procedures which they can utilize in order to remove the skin tags. Some of these procedures include:

  • Freezing the skin tag
  • Cutting the skin tag

2. Skin Tag Removal Bio Oil:

Bio oil can also be used for skin tag removal. It can also be used for wart removal. It is clinically proven and also the application process is pretty simple. Within a few weeks, you would be able to eliminate the skin tag using bio oil.

 3. Home Remedies for Skin Tags:

There are quite a few home remedies available for the removing skin tags. We would go into some of the most effective ones below.

Apple Cider Vinegar:apple cider vinegar for skin tags

In order to use Apple Cider Vinegar, follow this procedure:

  • First, clean the entire area around the tag.
  • Take apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball
  • Place this cotton ball on the skin tag for up to 15 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure at least thrice during the day.
  • Continue this procedure until the time, the skin tag falls off.

One thing which you have to keep in mind is that this procedure is not applicable for skin tags which are located close to the eyes.

Vitamin E oil:vitamin e oil for skin tags

Vitamin E oil is an antioxidant. You have to directly apply this oil on the skin tag. Thereafter, you have to cover it with a bandage.

You have to replace the bandage and reapply the oil each and every day after cleansing the area. Within 1 month the skin tag would be gone.


Liquid Iodine is one of the best ways to eliminate a skin tag. You have to just apply it on skin tags once every day.

You would be able to eliminate the skin tag within a couple of weeks. Iodine also works to eliminate warts. This is because liquid Iodine breaks down the skin cells causing the skin tag to fall off.

Cutting Skin tag:cutting skin tag

Cutting the skin tag, though seems scary, but can be accomplished at home. You can either use the scalpel in order to do so or you can use a sterilized blade as well. In most of the cases, cutting the skin tag yourself is not a difficult task.

However, if you’re not confident enough, you can consult a medical professional in order to cut the skin tag. Cutting the skin tag does not involve any recovery procedure or any severe pain.

Nail Polish for skin tags:

Nail polish can also be used in order to remove the skin tag. You have to use clear transparent nail polish and you have to apply it over the skin tag. Ensure that the surrounding areas are not covered in nail polish.

You have to repeat this procedure twice every day. On the next day, you have to use the nail polish remover in order to remove this nail polish and then repeat the procedure again.

Repeating this procedure, the skin tag would get removed within a couple of weeks. You have to just ensure that you are not applying the nail polish to the surrounding skin as well.

Also, if the skin tag is in a sensitive area, this method should be avoided.

4. Laser Skin Tag Removal:laser for skin tags

Laser skin tag removal is one of the easiest ways to remove a skin tag. Local anesthesia would be used in order to numb the skin around the skin tag.

Thereafter, the laser would be used in order to go on and eliminate the skin tags. The advantage of this method is that there is no risk of scarring. Moreover, you would only suffer from a little discomfort during the actual process. There is no severe pain.

5. Homeopathic Skin Tag Remover:

If you’re looking for homeopathic skin tag removers, there are quite a few which are available like:

  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea tree oil)
  • Ricinus Communis Seed oil (Caster oil)
  • Cedar Leaf Oil (Cedarwood oil)

If you are afraid of the side effects of normal medicine, these homeopathic skin tag removal solutions are the perfect option for you.



In the above section, I’ve described general treatments available for skin tags. However, there are 4 other methods for skin tag removal which are very popular and thousands of people got results using them.

1. Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags and Warts:

Tea tree oil possesses antimicrobial as well as antiseptic properties. That is why; it is pretty helpful in removal of skin tags.

The procedure to remove skin tags with the tree oil is:tea tree oil for skin tags

  • Clean the area of the skin tag
  • Apply tea tree oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton ball over the skin tag.
  • Leave the cotton ball until the cotton ball is completely dry.
  • Apply a bandage over the skin tag
  • Repeat this procedure at least twice a day until the skin tag is removed

As you can see, the procedure to remove the skin tag with the help of the tree oil is completely simple. Tea tree oil is highly effective in removing skin tags.

2. Medication for Skin Tags:

If you are like me, ready to spend some bucks but want things easy to apply and give fast results and saves time, then there are quite a few medicines available in the market which can help you to get rid of skin tags. These are:

  • Pristine wart mole vanish
  • Tag Away (Thuja Occidentalis)
  • Amolis natural healing oil
  • Revitol skin tag remover
  • Walgreens skin tag remover

 3. Freezing Skin Tags (Cryotherapy):

Skin tag removal by freezing
Skin tag removal by freezing

Freezing skin tags is very effective for skin tags treatment.

You can approach a doctor or a medical professional in order to freeze the skin tags and get them removed.

However, there are a few DIY kits which you can utilize in order to freeze the skin tags. The kits which you can use yourself are:

  • Compound W Freeze Off Advanced
  • Scholl’s freeze away 7 treatments

These kits are the perfect option for you to freeze the skin tags and get them removed.

4. Tag Bands Skin Tag Remover:tag bands for skin tags

Tag bands skin tag remover has been used by hundreds of customers all over the country in order to remove skin tags.

This tag band helps you in first controlling the blood flow to the skin tag and thereafter, you can use the skin tag removal device in order to completely remove the skin tag. Thus, you would be able to remove the skin tag easily at your home.

Final Words:

So, if you are having skin tags on your body, it is nothing to worry about.

You can just consult this guide in order to identify the skin tag … Select the method which suits you most … and enjoy clean, clear and charming skin.